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    Quarantining inverts

    OSD, I would like to know how long you recommend quaranting invertebrates for. I have been negligent about this as have many others. But no more!!! I have tuxedo urchin to pick up at the LFS. Now that I know that marine velvet cysts may be lurking among those spines I want to be sure not to introduce anything to my reef.

    Gail in Nova Scotia

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    Consider this - if the invert is quarantined with no fish then the parasite would die off without a host. 6-8 weeks to be safe. If there is a fish in quarantine with the invert then you would likely know about it sooner because the fish would show symptoms. If you noticed the fish get sick you'd have to remove the urchin and keep it in a separate tank for 6-8 weeks to be sure the parasite has died off and treat the fish with copper. If the fish doesn't show symptoms within a couple weeks I'd say it's "reasonably" safe to say it doesn't have oodinium. Ick would take longer, more like 4 weeks.

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    Gail the recommended QT period is 2 - 3 weeks for anything you intend to put in your display setup ... this applied even to rocks.

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