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    Clownfish sick..

    out of the 4 fish i have 2 clowns are sick..

    1 maroon and 1 skunk.. the other skunk is in my sump which is ok.. im wondering if there new anemone is stinging them.. all there fins look shredded.. and some burn marks in their strips..

    its wierd.. anyone have any suggestions?

    the yellow tang and royal gramma are just fine..

    is it the new LTA that they keep touching?

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    The shredded fins and some of the body damage is more likely the result of them fighting over the anemone. Clown fish in my own experience do ofter need to build up resistance to the sting of an anemone that is new to them. They do this by brushing by it and allowing it to sting them without get caught in it. Keep an open eye for secondary infections of the fins and body. I don't think a maroon and a skunk will share the same anemone and it is prime territory.

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    im trying to pull the skunk lol.. he fast as hell.. and i think im stressing the tank out by pulling rocks and having nets in there..

    what else should i watch out for and can i add sometihng to tank to help them?

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