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    Seeking advice (ich)

    I am seeking some advice on what to do about an ich issue I am currently dealing with. If you want you can read pretty much the entire history of my tank(s) and ich situation in this thread (I suspect those most likely to respond to this thread have already read it) -->
    I apologise in advance for the long read.. (and bad spelling)

    My Hippo is still showing signs of ich about 2 times a week. (I assume this is the natural ich cycle?!?) Also my two pink skunks and 6 line wrasse also show signs SOMETIMES but only a spot or two and not as often as the hippo. All fish are very active and eat well.

    Here is my question:
    Given the equipment I have available to me (see list below) what do you recommend I do? Is it absolutly ESSENTIAL to get the fish out of the tank? (Major hassle)
    Is this ich something that can eventually die off? on it's own or do the fish just become "immune" to it overtime or neither?.. If so this concerns me, because I have a flame angel on it's 6th week in a 10 G QT that I obviously want to add to the 65G DT at some point. It would a shame to have spent all that time in QT only to get infested with ich in the Display tank!

    I've gotten some mixed options and read some mixed articles/threads.
    Also I am planning to purchase a UV sterilizer this week and plumb that into my DT in hopes that would kill some of parasites at the tomite (larval) stage. Good Idea? Bad idea?

    My Equipment:
    65G Dsiplay (currenly with 4 fish and ich)
    30G QT ready to go with water taken from main tank (preparing for the worst )
    10G QT with flame angel


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    ICH will not die out on its own. You need to kill it by medicating all the fish in your QT for up to 8 weeks while having the display tank fish less for the same time frame. The UV is a very good idea because you can set it up on the QT and avoid using meds for that 8 weeks while simply leaving the display setup fish less. In a bare bottom QT a UV light will do a very good job when combined with water changes and vacuuming the bottom when you do the water changes.
    You can speed up the life cycle of ICH in your display setup by raising the temp to 82 or even 84 degrees while it is fish less.

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    Thanks for the reply Rob.
    I figured this would be the best course of action but wasn't sure it was my ONLY course of action.. Looks like a fun filled night of tearing apart my aquascaping ahead


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    Two things I have had success with soaking all food in garlic oil (purchased from marine depot), but available at most marine stores as well as a product called stop parasite. I only had to use stop parasite in extreem situations. Sice I started using garlic regulary I have not had any ich issues in 1.5 years.

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    Just an update for those who have helped me along... All 4 fish that are in copper are doing great! Haven't shown any signs of Ich in about 20-odd days. I'm going to start changing the water out with clean (un-dosed) water soon to start brining down the copper levels. I'm at about the halfway point now another 20 days to go before being re-introduced to main tank! (Yes.. I'm counting the days haha!)
    The main tank will have ran 6 weeks without fish and 4 1/2 weeks with a UV sterilizer and a temp of 80 deg., So if they get Ich again.. I'm going to start tearing my hair out!

    Thanks again for all your help..


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