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    Interesting ICK info

    All borrowed from here:

    Are freshwater dips effective?

    Freshwater dips are generally ineffective in the treatment of marine "Ich" infestations.


    Is "Ich" always present in our aquaria?

    Way long response snipped out. Summary: no. Marine ich basically dies off after 12 months in a tank that's had no new hosts (fish) added or in 6 weeks in a tank with no fish.

    Does stress cause "Ich"?

    Stress and poor water conditions do not cause marine "Ich", although they will lower a fish's resistance to infection and impair their immune system. If C. irritans is not present in a tank, it doesn't matter what how stressed a fish may be, it cannot get infected. In a tank where parasites are present, stressed fish are more likely to show signs of "Ich" before more healthy fish, but the healthy fish are just as likely to become infected as the numbers of parasites increase. Those fish species that are less susceptible to "Ich" or those individuals that have an acquired immunity, may show no signs and may not get infected.

    If anyone's interested I found a tonne of stuff on FW ich too. Cornell is working on a FW vaccine, mostly because ICK destroys food crop fish.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    Great info Krugar ... thanks

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