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    ? sick pyjama cardinal

    I purchased a pyjama cardinal site unseen (no good lfs here in south NB) and upone recieving it he seemed quite listless (would not respond to a hand in front of nim) and always keeps his mouth open. I have also been unable to encourage him yet to eat (had him 2 days). I have him in quarantine but am wondering what to do. Does anyone think it might be benedenia (fish flukes) I cannot see any spots on his body...

    I appreciate any opinions.



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    hey there Ray , try feeding mysis or baby ,brine shrimp to see what he does ok ..

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    Not enough information to really come to any solid conclusion. It would be wise to KEEP him in QT and perhaps treat with a wide spectrum antibiotic. If dosed properly it will not hurt him. My book only states iodine deficiency as the cause for mouth wide open all the time. This condition however is also companied by a swollen throat.

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    also, those cardinals are not that active during the day. mine just kinda hides out all day in around a cave and comes out more closer to lights out. hopefully you didn't buy him for excitement cause there fairly timid and boring.

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    My PJs look like plastic oranaments during the day. They'll occasionally eat something if it bumps into them, but they prefer to eat at night, after lights out.

    The only thing I'd add ot OSD & JR's advice would be to soak the food in selcon. Won't help getting him to start eating, but when he does the added vitimins certainly won't hurt.

    Garlic can also sometimes stimulate an appetite, but it's likely a matter of having food available at the right time.

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    I have a breeding pair, from my personal experiences with these fish, when the male is holding eggs, his mouth is open quite often as he shuffles them in his mouth and will not eat till they are gone, which can be a month I think.....I used to freak out that he wasn't eating but I know now it's normal. Just a thought, maybe he was part of a breeding pair and he's got young ones in his mouth..

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