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    Setting up Hospital tank

    I bought a 10 g kit, so i have a hang on back filter, light hood. I also have an air pump. I just added new salt water. What else should i do before putting the fish in? I have cycle should i add it. Add a piece of pipe for hiding spot. anything else i should do? There's no carbon in the filter because meds will be used. It's for my emperor angel which is about 4 inchs. Also after treatment how long should he remian in tank, I would like to get him back to the maintank where it has more room.

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    I would add some of the water from your existing tank. This will help it cycle faster.
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    Hello jjjtoy,

    First off I would try to get you hands something like stable from seachem to get the tank to cycle fast a well as add some existing water, But a 10 gallon might be a little small for a 4 inch emperor. Myself I unfortanely just lost all my fish to ich. But I came accross this thread
    It is long but well worth the read if you truly want the best for qting your fish.

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    anyone use pimafix in main tank?

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    I tried it once without success. I found it to be costly and after every dose the whole house smelled like a hospital.

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