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    Yellow tag developped ich...

    I noticed tonight some white spots on my yellow tang. It was quarantined a month prior to tank addition so it must have already been in the tank. What can I do? Are fresh water baths helpful or should I quarantine and treat it? Should I treat all the fish (don't really have a quarantine large enough) or is treating it enough? I know this has been talked about before but would appreciate any advise you can give to a newbie. Can they fight it off themselves?


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    I had the same experience with my tang and also a Large dogface puffer but caught it too late. Saved some of my fish by treating the whole tank for a week with meds. Can't remember the name brand of the meds but it worked for me. Someone else my have another idea though. Good luck.
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    You may or may not have had ICH in your tank or it may have arrived with the new tang or anything else you added while it was in QT. In any case I would treat all the fish in QT for a full 6 weeks if you want to be done with ICH. Fresh water baths are not very effective with tangs because of their very heavy slime coating.

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