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    lawnmower blennie looking thinner

    I have a lwanmower blennie to help with the hair algae. (I have plenty of that) He sitll behaves normally but is becomming graadually thinner and paler. He eats the algae alm ost constantly but his abdomen is gettting much smaller (almost looks emaciated). I have tried supplimenting with other foods including sea veggies but he is not interestes. Any suggestions?

    Maybe I am just being over worried?


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    Are the sea veggies the green Julian Sprung (sp?)?

    I had the same experience and luckily I found he loved the green sea veggies but not after trying every algae on the market. He's getting thinner because he's not eating enough or eating period so IMO you're going to have to try other algaes and hope he'll like one.

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    Ive heard of this happening to lawnmowers. Cant remember why exactly but Im certain that your not alone to have ever had this problem. Perhaps he has intestinal parasites? Sorry I cant help you more than this. I wouldnt say your being worried for nothing. Hopefully somebody chimes in with more info...

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    Perhaps it is a false alarm though...Just looking at him again this afternoon and he looks more normal!! Belly full again?!? Its weird--this morning I though he was dying for sure. Now he looks perfectly healthy. Perhaps he just "cleaned" his bowel?!?! Anyone have this experiance with a lawnmower?

    The sea veggies were the red ones. I couldn't get the green (seem very popular!!)

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