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    high ph killed my six line wrasse?


    Is it possible that a high ph (8.8) killed my new six line wrasse? I hadn't tested the water for a while and I had no fish in this particular tank. I went out and got a six line wrasse from a local store (mar***scap*) and three days later he was lying on the bottom dead being eaten by hermits. A day later I did all the tests and everything was fine but pH was very high and alk was very low. I was adding tech CB A & B and I guess I should have been testing its effects.

    Also, I moved some purple mushrooms into my new 29 gallon and they didn't look so good after 24 hours so I moved them back into the nano (which is the one that had the high ph) and now they have been shrivelled up for almost a week showing no sign of coming back. I did do a fairly large water change to drop the ph and so maybe they are just in shock. Also my GSP were not opening for a couple days and possibly due to high pH as well. I really want to get my corals opening and growing good again. Any other thoughts as to what might cause this or advice on stuff.


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    please help

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    ya very possible... but u should look into other causes too
    maybe the fish was diseased to start with

    afterall though, pH increases exponentially, so if it was in pH 8.3, u stuck it in 8.8, thats pretty harsh jump

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    That ph is quite high, did you add any alkaline addatives to move it up?
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    could be anything, new fish can die easily. how long did you acclimate?

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    acclimate = 1 hour
    yes i was adding Tech CB part A and B... probably added too much...

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