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    Avoid Elite Submersible Aquarium Heaters

    This happened months ago, but I have yet to post this issue out of sheer lazyness, so here it finally goes... I bought an elite submersible heater, for my quarantine tank, when it was the only heater the store had. It was submersible and good for saltwater... I noticed that they have a type of paint around the heater tube, (for cosmetic purposes) to hide the sight of the heating element.
    After carefully watching the tank, over the course of weeks, I noticed pieces of this paint were flaking off and floating around the tank... I even noticed a clown would go after it thinking it was food... I eventually took this wonderful heater out to see what the joke is. It looked a bit dirty aswell, so I thought I'd clean it up. I took a clean wet cloth, wiped down the heater element, and to my amazement, the paint wiped right off on the cloth as just a black film of crap.... After afew more wipes, every spec of this paint just wiped right off the heater.... I can't help but wonder what type of nasty effects this had on contaminating my tank water... I tried contacting hagen about it, but to my total surprise, their website doesn't work... so word of advice, don't buy this garbage.

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    Thanks for such informative tip.......
    next time I buy one of those,I'll make sure I wipe the paint off.
    other than that,I been using them and no problems with them.

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