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Thread: Raising Alk

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    Raising Alk

    Has anyone ever used baking soda to raise Alk. and does it work. Is it safe for the reef .

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    why don't you just buy Tech A & B from Kent... that way you know it works, and it's not too expensive either

    just my 0.02c

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    The reason im asking is that - i was checking this site on reef chemistry calculations, and on the list of additives to raise Alk it had Baking soda?:blush:
    p.s. cant find Tech A&B @ JL

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    you need a 2 part bionic as suggested. Baking soda can be used but I always spend the extra just to be safe.

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    or you can just use Calcium Hydroxide. I wouldnt try the baking soda unless i heard of someone else who has used it sucessfully (then again, i probably still wouldnt use it, i am usually hesitant to use anything for the fish tank that isnt sold in a pet store specifically for Reefs)
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    slykat: I currently have the 2 gallon set of B-Ionic instock... message me if your intersted.


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    Baking soda can be used but generally just as an emergancy remedy of you don't have any type of builder on hand. The reason is because it is ONLY baking soda and is missing all the other elements that are important to keep in balance. I wouldn't recommend it to be used regularly.

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