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    what size tank to get???????

    So Im starting to buy everything for my setup...but Im having such a hard time chosing what size tank to get. I like the look of the 55G...but not sure if it a lil on the thin side? A 60G wouldnt be any better since its just a lil taller...then theres the 65G. I dont like the look of it as much since it doesnt look as long, but it would be nice to have the extra width to hide the power heads. Anyone have some advice?????
    I want a bigger tank! :biglaugh2

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    Get the largest tank that'll fit (your place and wallet).....cuz you'll only want to upgrade later. :biggrinbo
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    We started small... should have just gotten the bigger one to begin with. We went 6, 12, 29, 72, 90 and now 210g. Believe it or not the bigger tank while it costs more to setup is easier to maintain.

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    well at this point..its not really the size that Im worried about..its the look of the tank. I like the look of the 55G since its 48" long...but the 65G is wider 18" and not 12" like the 55G.
    I want a bigger tank! :biglaugh2

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    get the 125 short then, 48x24x24 i believe

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    I dont really want to go any bigger then 65G...I dont have the money or room for anything bigger right now. I originally wanted a 40G long tank...but then knew I would want something bigger real Im looking at something between 55 and 65 gallons.
    I want a bigger tank! :biglaugh2

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    I agree with everyone else... buy the biggest possible tank that will fit now... I wouldn't worry too much about the funds.. you will just continue to want to spend it on more stuff anyways, and when the tank is full and you can't add anything else, you will buy a bigger one. Trust me... I started with a 12g nanocube and now in a little more than a year my 29G is full and I want a bigger one. It is an addiction.

    Big Al's in Montreal probably has the best prices.

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    if you like the look of a 65, just go for the 65 or a 75 (which is just about 3 inches taller).

    i have a 65 (48x18x18) and it's great. a little bit on the short side though, but the length is perfect.

    best of luck with whatever you choose.

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    I agree with the go big idea, I went from a 10g around June to a 29g in August to a 120g in October.

    I just sold the 120g and I am planning a something around 180 (total volume) for my first marine.

    One suggestion: Go used! My full 29g used setup cost less than my 10g new.

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    go big or go home

    15" and 18" front to back will eventually drive you crazy. Every time I put my hand in my 75gal I break something. Not so bad as I always have frags to trade/sell. But it does make me crazy.Even a 110-20 has almost the same footprint. Much Much better IMO. And as stated above larger water volume is easier to maintain than a smaller one.
    BTW do yourself a favor and buy a skimmer that is too large for your set up as well. Most skimmers are rated for way larger of a tank size than they actually perform. And larger skimmer= cleaner envirnment and less upgrade cost down the road :biggrinbo

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