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    Skimmer stopped producing

    My Maxi-jet 1200s arrived yesterday and I put them in (pulled my too powerful Tunze 6060 for now). My tank is 70 gallon tall (36x18x24). I put two of the powerheads facing each other low in the back, two at the top angled up and towards the top and one low on the back firing towards the front (through the rock).

    This morning I checked my skimmer and it has stopped producing skimmate. It is a Remora pro HOT and has been producing lots for the three weeks that the tank has been up and running.

    I am wondering if there is any relationship between placement of flow and skimmer performance. The one thing that has changed is that there is considerably less surface agitation than there was with the Tunze.

    Anybody have any ideas?

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    Where is the intake to the skimmer? well below the surface, in a surface skimmer box, near but under the surface ...

    The stuff skimmers pull out tends to float in our tanks. If you are pulling water from below the surface and you are not longer keeping the tank as well agitated, it is possible the proteins and oils are collecting at the surface now.

    Also, with less flow, more things might be allowed to settle in the tank and are not reaching the skimmer intake.

    With a new setup, I would also expect that your skimmate would thin out for after things start to settle in and before the system is really full of life.

    Hope this helps.
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    Did you wash the MJ's before putting them into the tank? Sometimes there is a very small amout of oils/residue left on them from manufacturing and this is just enough to affect some skimmers for a day or two.

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    Hmm.. I did not wash out the maxi-jets - that could be it as well. The intake to the skimmer is around 4 inches below the surface. I can maybe take an inch out of that by shortening the hose between the skimmer and the mag pump but that would be about it.

    I will up the surface agitation and wait a couple days to see what happens.


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