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    Tiffany, if only my wife were as enthusiastic about this hobby as you are, we'd be the match made in heaven everyone thinks we are. Well, we really are. She just thinks it costs too much. Her one flaw, wanting me to cut back on expenses for the tank. (Dear, do we really need that new stove?)
    You'll make some guy a great catch someday. (pun intended)

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    Thanks, none of my friends see the beauty and challenge of animals that have (Quote) "The brain the size of a pin head"
    My b/f is not impressed in my enthusiasm either for the tank, (sometimes i think he wishes he was a sick/dying fish that needed to be babysat through the night so it didn't die alone...I only did that once by the way..) nor the money I spend. I think he thinks it'll be his money one day...Hmmmmm....that's a thought...
    He has this fanatic passion for golf and paid $50,000 for his introductory membership and $6,000 a year to maintain it, not including the $5,000 clubs!!!! (double this as he pays for his son as well)
    So I worked out a deal, no anti-tank talk and $ complaints and I wont say a peep about his golfing expenditure and playing with "sticks" every sunday. (I like golf and have had lessons in private, but don't tell him, It'll be the surprise of his life!!)
    It would be nice to have him share my enthusiasm, or a friend, but he's a great man in too many ways to mention.
    True Reefers are a rare breed.
    I must admit I lie when I get a new addition, He now thinks that all fish hide for the first few months when bought, and that's why he didn't notice "that one" before..
    :imwithstu and that corals are minute/tiny when bought and suddenly grow at a raid pace, as if overnight..:shhhhhhhh Don't tell him.
    Do you think he's onto me??????
    "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."
    - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

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