:bawling: I just bought this wonderful Abalone Snail (apparently good as a lawnmower) on Thursday. Anyway, Thur. it didn't want to cling to any of the rocks. I just thought it needed time to adjust (I did acclimatize it for an hour). After some time, it still wasn't doing much but I did see its head moving around under its shell slightly. This morning I couldn't see the snail anywhere...good maybe it got hungry (I know it is a nocturnal critter). When I came home this afternoon I found it belly up on the sand. So I picked it up and its foot looked chewed, but I still had some hope that it would regenerate (ok, I know it was just wishful thinking). I put the little guy on a rock...1/2 hour later he went AWOL, can't find him anywhere in the tank, and all the hermits and whatnot have been accounted for. I checked my nitrates and they are rising so I know I have to find it and get it out but I don't know what to do other than pick up every rock and search. Water changes will be done tomorrow! :errr: