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    New 12g Nano - Need help

    I have just won a 12g Nano Deluxe (door prize donated by Marinescape, thank-you to Mark, Keith and Rob at MS) at the M.A.S.T. presentation of Anthony Calfo in Toronto on Sat. April 1/06. I need some advice. My son would like me to set it up to house a couple of small pufferfish. I was thinking of the Green Spotted Puffer or Figure 8 Puffer. I have set up the tank yesterday with salt water from my in-wall 90g reef, SG is 1.022 and pH is 8.2. I have used a new 2" substrat of Carib Sea Florida Crushed Coral and have put an old dead Conch shell in as a decoration/hiding place and I will put in a plant or two either real or plastic.

    My questions are the following:
    1. Can I use this tank to house the fish mentioned?
    2. Should I put the Bio Balls and Ceramic Disks included with the Nano in the filter compartment or leave them out? I have left the Carbon in.
    3. Should I use both 24w 50/50 bulbs for a fish only system or should I use only one?
    4. Is the Conch shell OK to stay in the tank? It has been out of the water for 20 years.
    5. Since I used established water from my 90g, do I need to cycle this tank as long or even at all?
    Please help and thanks!
    90g Display, 30gal sump w/ refugium, MAS CR418 calcium reactor w/ Mag5 and Blueline CO2, Vertex IN-180 protein skimmer w/ Mag5, Mag9.5 return, 150 Phosban Reactor w/ MJ 1200, 1 Ebo 200w heater, 90lbs. LR, 80lbs. Carib-Sea aragonite, Cooltouch MH lights -2 x 400watt (20K & 14K) PFO hoods & Coralife 65w PC in custom hood with fan, Coralife 3-3/4watt mini moonlights, 8 jet Closed Loop System w/Reef-flo Dart, Aqua-Safe RO/DI, JBJ Auto Top Off unit w/Mag 5 return, 12g Nano cube, 10g quarentine.

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    1. I know next to nothing about puffers, but a 12G tank sounds small to me for one.
    2. Depends, do you plan on having live rock in the tank? If not the rings are a better bio filter than nothing, but live rock would be better. You'll need to figure out nitrate exportation.
    3. Use what you like, fish only need enough light to see by.
    4. Is it coated in anything? You might want to give it a good scrubbing in RO water.
    5. Yes all tanks cycle, however since you have an established tank to "feed" from you'll likely find your tank cycles quickly. Still expect to have one.

    Congrats on the win!
    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    I've only kept these for a short time as babies so I don't know how large they can get. From what I've seen 8-spots are a little larger than the spotted variety. I wouldn't suggest mixing the two species in a 12 gallon tank. I'd probably keep 1 or 2 spotted ones only. They are big greedy eaters so you'll need mechanical filtration for sure. Keep them well fed too because they have no hesitation from munching a friend! I know because I watched my 8 spot eat one of my spotted! For little buggers, they have a nasty beak. You'll mostly likely have to 'water down' your tank water from the 90 gallon. They are usually sold as brackisk fish so you'd slowly work them to a higher salinity if you wish to. I'd check with the fish store first to see if they've acclimated them to 1.025 already. If so, you won't have to worry much.

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