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    Pink tip Anemone

    I was looking at these in the LFS and was wondering what kind of care they need. How do you feed them ? Where to put them in the tank? Any other info also would be appreciated.

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    doesn't live in captivity, and stings like mad, also move around as it pleases, i'd stay away from them, they are cheap though

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    Not my favorite anemone by far, but if you want to keep one, there are a few things you need to do.
    You have to feed it with either frozen or live brine shrimp, or use some sort of liquid food like phytoplex or something. A combination works well too. It is mostly a filter feeder.
    As far as positioning goes, the anemone will likely move to where it is most comfortable. Don't keep picking it up and moving it! The tentacles get sticky and you can easily damage the critter.
    Also, unless it is a sebae anemone (which usually have purple tips), a clownfish will not like it. Clownfish like soft and smooth anemones, but this one is sticky and stings other anemones.

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