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    Micro bubbles from Maxi Jet 1200s???


    I have two maxijet 1200s placed about 4 inches below the surface - one at either end of a 36" tank - both facing the front center of the tank. I am running them with the short basket attachment on the intake. They are pointed upwards for surface agitation and are on a wavemaker. Every time they come on they shoot a bunch of micro-bubbles into the tank. I have increased the runtime on the wavemaker to around 15 minutes to decrease the number of starts and this is helping but ideally I would like to eliminate the problem. Anyone have any experience/ideas?

    BTW I have a Remora Pro that is also putting micro bubbles into the tank.


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    All the powerheads that I've ever used produce micro bubbles at start-up. I haven't found a solution yet and don't worry too much as the bubbles dissapear after a few seconds.

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