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Thread: sick clown???

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    sick clown???

    Today before i went to work i noticed that my clownfish was lying on its side on the sand motionless almost. I could only see the back half of the clown becasue it was behind a rock. My heniochus and false lemon peel were fine. I thought it had died. Then when I came home 7 hours later to my surprise I see him swimming around again. It which was eating fine and had no symptoms of anything the night before. What do you think it is?
    I have a 55 gallon fowlr with no sump/fuge running for 1 and half years .
    Has this happen to anyone?
    Any help would be nice thanks

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    maybe taking a nap... gettting confortable...

    my clown would lie in his host anemone (carpet) and stay motionless as it sleeps, the carpet would wrap around him, and many times i thought it was eating the poor clown as it did my yellow tang (full grown)

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    If he is swimming around and looks fine now then he was napping. Freaked me out 2 months back when after a month of owning my 2 clowns I saw them doing the exact same thing, laying in the sand. I posted here and everyone said they was snoozing. Now I see them do it all the time, laying in the sand at night or early morning.

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    thank god..i though he was a sick...i love that little guy...but why does it seem like it takes so much effort for a clown to swim, seems like they struggle...or is that just the way they are??
    My clown is swimming around fine now and eating :biglaugh2

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