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    Loud sump need a fix !!

    Hello guys

    Well its been 3 months since the sump has been up and running and its still very loud. Tang_Montreal has practically moved in and tried to fix it like 3 times but we have yet to come up with a viable solution.

    The sound is a water rushing sound... not toilet flushing/gurgling. I was told by some that a slime might build up on the ABS pipes and this will reduce the sound but it hasnt up to this point. Some have suggested doing some insolation but I havent tried this step.


    If anyone has any comments or soultions we can try please feel free to suggest anything!!
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    I can't really help you with the sound problem, I just had to say that is an awesome diagram. What program did you use to create it? I love the picture of the super skimmer, haha. I may do my sump with a similar design, did you find the DSB bucket beneficial?

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    The only things I can suggest aside from trying to insulate, are:

    a) try switching from 90 degrees tees to 45's where possible.
    b) switch to SpaFlex

    I don't know if this is bothering you $20 worth or $100 worth. (or more)

    For about $.50 you can get ear plugs? (couldn't resist ;-)
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    I had the same problem. Maybe this will work for you too.

    I used ABS originally and found it was quite loud. I think the water was also moving much to quickly through the pipes and it would "crash" into each corner making all kinds of noise. I removed all the ABS and replaced it with flexible hose (I think it is called tiger flex or something like that???). I was able to make a couple of wide sweeping corners with it and I think the flexible hose also offers some sound insulation. Also, I ran the return line to a level below the top of the sump and then back up into the sump. So the water actuall travels uphill a short distance. This seemed to slow the water down and now there is no sound from the pipe itself. Now if I can only get the overflow to be as quite.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cres
    I don't know if this is bothering you $20 worth or $100 worth. (or more)

    For about $.50 you can get ear plugs? (couldn't resist ;-)
    HEHEHE good one lol
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    I drew up that diagram for him using Microsoft Visio.

    Cres, RobM,

    I'm thinking that both of your solutions may be the way to go... The thicker walls of Spaflex along with the uphill idea may be the ticket.
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