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    Cloudy water - Help!


    My 70G Tall has been set up for around 5 weeks. Currently have about 80lbs of live rock, a couple of frags, 20ish crabs and 30ish snails (astrea, trochus and cerith), two very small clowns and one shrimp. Lighting is a combination of PC and MH. Skimmer is producing well although microbubbles are a problem. Initial water was RO/DI from a store and all top up/water changes done with a new RO/DI unit.

    Diatom bloom is backing off - was moderate for a few weeks - still some on the crushed coral but nowhere near what it was.

    The water, however, has a yellowish/brown tinge to it. This was really noticeable when I did a water change on the weekend as the replacement water was in a white bucket next to the water removed. I have no mechanical filtration at the moment. I don't have a phosphate test kit yet so can't report that but ammonia/nitrite/nitrate are all at zero.

    Is this normal and will it go away as the tank matures or do I need to do something to address this?

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    It should go away as the tank matures, but you're moving pretty fast for a 5 week old tank. It's very likely you're bio filter isn't up to the task just yet.

    I'd run carbon & see where that gets you. You might be looking at adding a mechinal filtration system until the bio-filter gets strong enough to pace the tank.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    I am going at the pace that the LFS is suggesting but will leave it be for a few weeks to see what happens and will try the carbon/mechanical suggestion.

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    new tank

    Local fish stores are just that.....stores. They make money by you buying stuff. Most not all! are not the greatest for advice, because of the quality of their staff. Go to a reef specific store for your advice or get it from reputable hobbyists. As for the yellow water, you will likely need to addd some carbon filtration to deal with it. Do yourself a favor go a little slower. The reefs you likely admire were not made overnight. You are building a closed ecosystem. Patience will be your biggest virtue. Good luck

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