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    Stores Near Big Al's Montreal

    Hey guys. Nobez and I are heading to Montreal this Saturday to pick up my new tank. I was hoping someone could help me with two things.

    1. Directions to Big Al's Montreal coming from Kingston on the 401.

    2. Names and addresses of other LFS in the area of Big Al's that we should stop by. They need to be english people friendly.. lol..

    I tried using the LFS Search here on AC for both questions but I didn't really get anywhere...


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    Keep on 401, its Highway 40 and big als will be on your left in a mall at Pointe Claire off Sources road, can't remember the name of the mall. Later, If you contunue on the 40 east and exit on Lacordaire Boulevard and continue south to Jean Talon Street (maybe 40 minutes from Big Als) you can visit the new WorldFish store. I think its 5245 or 5425 Jean Talon, but you might want to check that address.
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    You can try this route on your way here
    Aquatropical in Vaudreuil on the 20, cross over to the 40 and hit nature pet center, get on the 40 again down 1 exit and hit big als. Those are the only stores in the big als area. There is Aquatropical on decarie 40/15south (15km) and everything else is about 30km away. Where are you picking up your aquarium? Maybe you can contact carolpol or chrispol and see what they have for sale.
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    I am picking it up at Big Als. If anyone will be out and about Saturday, and wanted to me us at Big Als, and then maybe we could follow you to a few near by stores, that would be cool. I think we should be ok though.

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    hi colesy, Congrats on the new tank!

    To add on to the directions for Big Als, all the bulidings in the mall complex has green roofs and you can clearly see a Golf store from the highway.

    Besides, above mention stores there is also a Nature Pet Center on St Jean bvld.
    Not the best for coral or fish, but sometimes they get some interesting stuff.

    You take the exit St Jean (right before the one for big als). and head north. Take the first turn right into the mall complex drive in until you see Futeshop (can't miss it). It's two or three bulidings next to Futureshop.

    Have fun!
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    Hi if you are in Montreal and looking for equipment and stuff, the best place is Aqua Tropical. It is just off the Decarie Expressway heading south. Here is the address.

    Aqua Tropical
    5335 Rue Ferrier
    Montreal, Quebec, H4P 1M1

    Ask to see if Jerry is in (the manager), tell him Vu (pronounced Voo) sent you, he can give you good deals.

    Good luck. :biglaugh2

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    Hebdo27 i am not agree with you. best place is reefsolution and world fish.
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    Just got back. Let me tell you.. This place was a lot easier to find then Yahoo Maps made it out to be.. They had us all over the place lol... We finally called the store and they gave us really good directions back to the store. I dealt with Brent and he was awesome. I will post pictures of the tank later. So far it looks great.

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    We were down in Montreal today and missed meeting you by a few hours.

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    Oh ya? Did they tell you we were there?

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