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    Getting out of hobby

    I am getting out of hobby and would like to thank everyone for support and help through last few years. I really enjoyed being on this site and will continue to be a member and attend MASO meetings as supporter for now.
    Anything related to my equipment and livestock I would like to keep in classified.

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    Good luck to you. Thanks again for the LED's they look great over my tank.

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    That's too bad, but, I'm sure it isn't being done lightly.

    As long as you keep in contact, I'm sure the bug will bite you again. ;-)
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    I am always sad to hear someone say that they are leaving the hobby, it strikes me as a divorce or death in a way. Good luck in future endeavors!
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    Sorry to see you leave the hobby Aqua... It probably will not last long if you plan on attending MASO meetings hehe

    I'm not sure why you are leaving but if its $$$... Have you thought of hosting a nano?


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    thats sad, hopefully u will be back someday!

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    Sorry to hear.. I have contemplated a few times because of the cost of the hobby etc. I have even totally sold of most of my system, and just decided to researching more before I start over, and I am about to start a new tank very soon..

    You don't mention why you are quitting. If it's not something personal, would you mind posting why.. Maybe it's something worth sharing, so others don't run into a similar situation.

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    Aqua don't tell him, Colesy is just looking for another way out, lol

    Just kidding man.

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    That's too bad ... good luck with everything. Hopefully you can get back into it eventually

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    Hi Aqua,
    Just to let you know that the "ROCK" will be in my tank as I told you and should you return to the hobby someday and I still have that one ROCK it will be returned to your tank my friend.

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