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Thread: Grey sand ????

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    Grey sand ????

    Alright, here's a dumb question. I just setup a 125G a couple weeks
    ago, decided I wanted to drill the tank, so I drained it and removed the sand, when I was scooping the sand out, I noticed that under the top layer some of the sand was a grey color, is this something to be alarmed about? It is crushed coral sand, never seen that before and kinda curious. Thanks

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    Sounds like anaerobic bacteria.

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    ya.. probebly right, bacteria and other life forms living in your sand.
    if you put the sand back into your setup right away.. i wound't worry.. if you left it sitting there a few days.. i'd throughly rince it before putting it back into service. ( just it case the bacteria died and might cauz some spikes... just something to be carefull with.

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