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    skimmer troubles

    i got a quick question for everyone i have a seaclone(i know sea clown,P.O.S,) but thats all my budget could afford at the time. basically it was atually doing i pretty good job for a while until recently its just been pulling out water. i turned it off this morning cause i didnt want to have it overflow on my carpet and im not going to buy another skimmer till i get my tank drilled so if anyone has an answer to my prob that would be great!!

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    Check the air tube to the powerhead, it could be clogged. As well check the intake connector. It should help.

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    It just happen to me last week, the air tube to the powerhead was clogged. I had to cut a piece of the tube were the intake connector is. I had a longer tube so I just set it up back and everything is back to normal.
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    sounds good fella's ill try it when i get home!

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