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    How long after mixing water

    Never saw anything about this in any books and I am wondering how long people wait after mixing up water for changes before actually changing the water. I have been agitating RO/DI water with the salt using a powerhead for 24 hours before doing the water change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fish
    I am wondering how long people wait after mixing up water for changes before actually changing the water.
    It takes me about 45 seconds to get the water from the kitchen where I mix it to the aquarium. It may not be right but that's how I've been doing it for 20 years.

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    I mix my water and wait 24 hours before adding.

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    For me, I let it mix for at least 24hrs.

    I have a 23g container that is always full of new salt water (mj400 provides circulation). Then when I want salt water, it's there. But you have to have 'extra' space for this.
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    I am like hank, sink to tank in under 30 seconds. I am FOWLR so do not know this may impact coral.

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    I always wait 24 hours to aerate it really well, stabalize PH and buffer ALK as necessary (IO salt).

    If I put it in too quick, the undisolved salt really makes my corals mad
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    I use IO reef crystals and mix it up, in an hour or so if the water looks clear I test for salinity then go ahead. No issues todate.
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    I have to mix the day before. Basically day one is let the RO water dribble into a garbage pail onto a pile of dry salt. The pressurised tank gives me just enough RO to get the pump wet enough to run it & start mixing it up.

    By the time it full, I'm usually done for the day so it gets a heater over night & the partial happens sometime the next day. Or two if something else comes up. Okay maybe 3, I've got kids

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    I fill my drum (~50G) in a day or so, then the next day I add salt, then I wait for at least other day or two (sometime more) before I use that salt.

    I do think that you need at least a day to get the water aerated properly.

    I also think that adding the salt before the water is pretty bad... The concentration of good ions like calcium and carbonate would be so high when you have only a small amount of water that they will precipitate (sp?) then they would be much harder to dissolve.

    I'm pretty suprised to hear that you don't wait any longer before you do your wc...


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    Add salt into 5L distilled water. Mix for 10 minutes with a magnetic strirrer, check salinity and in it goes (slowly front of a power head). My 75 g tank is mainly SPS and clams and have yet to see any adverse reaction.

    I've made many, many, many simple and complex chemical reagents in the lab, rarely do you ever mix a reagent O/N (unless it's not completely dissolved before you have to leave for home). Once the solute is dissolved it ready to use. I apply the same principal to my salt water changes
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