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    Unidentified 2 foot worm.

    I will try to give as accurate of a physical discription as the attached photo is very bad. I saw this in my tank tonight after lights went out. I would say that is is between 18-24" in length and only about 2mm (3/32") in girth. The color was dark gray, but not black. The body is smooth, not segmented and there are no bristles. I could not see any eyes or a mouth. It moved extremely fast and swam like an eel straight into the current from a tunze stream. It moved across the front of the tank when i turned on the actinics to get a pic. Unfortunately, it moved too fast to get a picture without the halides on. It looked like a ribbon hung in the wind. That is the best discription I can give. Unfortunately, I now have two as it wam into a Tunze Stream and got shredded. The two large pieces seem to be swimming and a smaller piece appears to have sunk to the bottom. I will see if I can recover the small piece and take a picture.

    My first fear was the Worm Incident from Steve Weast's site but they are not similar.

    Can anyone make a reasonable guess as to what it might be. The only recent additions are a good sized Galaxy coral and a small Hammer frag with one head, both from a local reefer.
    If my wife asks, it was only $20.

    220 Gal Mostly SPS Reef, 66 gal sump with refuge, 33 gal refugium, Gen-X Mak-5 Return, 3 x IceCap 250 MH, 2 x 110 VHO, Deltec APF600 Skimmer and a Deltec AP-600, Geo 6-18 Calcium Reactor, 2 x Tunze Stream 6100, Profilux Plus II EX Controller.

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    That's incredible.....couldn't even guess what it could be. Hope someone else can identify it.

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    ...tentacle of a spahgetti worm?

    "Knowing is half the battle!" ~ G.I. JOE

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