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    identifing clownfish

    Can anyone please tell me how to finally identify if my clownfish are false or true perculas....and to which type of anemone they would require.
    Also would my blue damsels also be immune to the anemone? I hope not...they are pesty little fish and keep kicking out my clownfish from there home.


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    There are probably better ways of telling them apart but I find that false percs are brighter orange and the black lines on the body are less pronounced.

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    Clownfish don't actually require an anemone. If you want one anyway it's not a terribly strict rule. Clowns host where they feel like and just about any anemone, rock, powerhead, frogspawn etc works for them.

    The damsels might get eaten, but some can get real friendly to an anemone without getting sucked in.

    As too identifying them,

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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