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    i have a 125 gallon tank (no sump) running 2 aqua clear 4000 powerheads (Maximum Output: 369 US gallon) an eheim filter 2217 -264 gph and a magnum 350 filter- 350 gph. Also a super skimmer 3004. Now i am finding that with all the filters on and running that it constantly has particles of my sand stirred up and floating about the water, kinda unsightly. Would the tank be ok with just the powerheads and skimmer running or would that be to little of flow rate. I have only a few fish in there and live rock now and no corals.
    Ifind when i shut the filters off for waterchanges and such it looks clear and not as much sand stirred up. Thanks for the help

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    If I were you, I'd try running just one filter and see what that does. If you know that the filters are the problem, mess with those a bit. In my opinion, powerfilters are great places for biological filtration. Try running only one.

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