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    I recently purchased a Lionfish; however, I am unsure how much he should be feed. I've read that overfeeding them can result in premature death? He/she is approximately 7-8" and eats as much as it can, flake, brine and ghost shrimp, blood worms and red minnows. I give him one minnow or three ghost shrimp daily and then it eats the food provided for the other fish as well. I was considering feeding it everyother day but it begs worse than my dog at dinner, any suggestions would be helpfull

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    both my lions do the same thing my antenata will eat anything i put in there he gets a few pieces of krill or other frozen or flake food everyday and live feeders twice a week my other lion doesnt eat prepared so he eats only twice a week i have bin doing this feeding scheduale for awhile and it has seemed to work he gets a little everyday. u just kinda have to ignore the begging or he will eat until he explodes.

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    As an ambusdh type predator it is unlikely that it manages to catch prey every single day. So feeding daily is only going to fatten him up, and foul your water. Every few days a feeding of varied foods is just fine.
    Good luck

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    Lion's will typically eat & eat & eat & get the picture. Every other day or so will do them no harm & don't let them gorge (easier said than done). Enjoy your beast.
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    I feed my predators 3 to 4 times a week several pieces of food each time (silversides,krill,table shrimp) If possible cut out the live foods I find it makes fish aggressive.Frozen food should have encapsulated vitamins ensuring that they are getting proper nutrition....and definetly no goldfish as they contain thiaminase (an enzyme that destroys thiamine in the liver) not healthy.
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