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    How do you feed your fish when you are on vacation?

    Do you use an automated feeder? Do the feeders work well with frozen, or does the food have to be flake/pellets? How long can the feeder be used for? How many times a day does the feeder feed? Do you turn down the temperature in the tank for the duration of your vacation? Does that mean you feed less ofter? How low do you turn down the temp. to? Do you have someone come in to do the feedings, how many times a day?

    I'm going on vacation, will be gone for one week. I don't know of someone to come in to my house to feed the fish. The only thing I can think to use is a feeder, but don't know anything about them!

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    i personally have my sister come over at the usual time i feed them and have her feed them i dont have any experience with feeders

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    I have been stuck in a simliar situation in the past, I fed before leaving and clipped a good size peice of dulse in the tank. everything was fine but it would depend on the stcok in your tank. Not saying I would recomend this, but if you are stuck, you have to do the best you can.

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    Myself I use a Feeder. I havn't fed my tank from my hand in about 1 month. The auto feeder works like a charm. I also have a rubbermaid container next to my tank for RO water. So no worries. Well sort of.

    Oh and it only works on flakes and pellets. Mine feeds twice a day.
    Mike Philpott

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    I had my family feed them daily.
    I prepared a meal for each day with the date on them.. so it was as easy as dumping it in there.

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    Thanx...I may just have to knock on the neighbours door to ask if they wouldn't mind helping out. I will also look into a feeder.

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    That's what friends are for

    I demoed a feeding to one of my friends and also wrote down exactly what he had to do and when.

    Prepare the portions and make sure the person who is feeding knows what they're doing.

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    I'm fortunate enough to have a few saltwater enthusiast withing walking distance of my house, and a few more within a short drive.

    I used to use an automated feeder, but my copperbanded won't eat anything but frozen mysis & frozen plankton. That's hard to automate so I have to have somebody come over for it.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    I use an auto-feeder, however, my oldest kid generally doesn't travel with us so she does the tank maintenance (feeding, cleaning the glass, etc) while I'm gone.
    Ottawa (Orleans), Ontario
    Yahoo IM: pwallnfld

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    Same goes for me, I'm fortunate to have someone come over to feed the fish.

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