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Thread: My first loss!

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    My first loss!

    My longnose hawkfish found an opening and went carpet surfing! The only places I have openings in the hood are where the pipes and electrical cords come out. :bawling: The most expensive fish I own and no longer! :rant:

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    Sorry for your loss Sophic. I actually found my Clown a couple of weeks ago in a Border collie hair ball behind my tank. Like you it's the only place for him to get out through
    Mike Philpott

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    Welcome to the hobby..........
    and won't be your first or last to loose.........
    I lost track ..........LOL.

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    Don't be hard on yourself, I've had my share of losses and it is never a pleasant memory for any of us. But whenever this happens I always say to myself someday these fish will have no place to call home except in our living room oceans, every year
    more and more reef are destroyed and as long as we learn from the mistakes maybe generations far into the future will still be able to see this beautiful underwater world ,even if it is just through glass...... you are doing so much good just by learning and caring for these animals , please don't give up on them even if you suffer more losses in the future

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    maybe consider swich to egg crate to cover the tank, u can pass the cords through the holes and thus cover more area

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    Stiff upper lip it ... your going to loose some fish no matter how good your skills are and setup is. Just try to keep your losses to a minimum.

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    I'll look into egg crate. The tank was doing well. It has been 9mos up and running. Not much in terms of problems...except now a heater that gives a faulty reading (but still works) the company wants me to return it to them but that means I would have to purchase a replacement in the meantime! (The LFS where I purchased it has never had a return with this company so he doesn't know what the proper procedures are!) 1 death due to exploration, guess I should be happy that there have not been any losses due to improper water parameters!

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