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Thread: new sump

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    new sump

    how many gallon on sump need for 55g about thinging of doing sump ..and thinging of buying overflow box to cause never drill my aquarium (hole) dont thing it good to drill wen have all my stuff in it hehe all small piece glass will go in my setup( kill my fish ect and thinging of put it on my ro system float valve in my sump right now only have electric ballast on normal neon have to power grow and the blue spect one buy them in marine scape store cheap one hehe put still coast 90$ for 4 light hehe big diffenrent in vho neon and electric neon ? vho go to 80watts thing and electric one go for 40waats each neon but thing hole in my aquarium will be best ) hehe but will be lot work ) tyty for you future comments ) :biglaugh2 :speedbana

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    All I can tell you is .. THE BIGGER THE BETTER!!

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    Like Rob said, the bigger the better.. make is as bit as space permits. the bigger it is, the easy i find it is to work in it and easier to modify and tweak.

    You are right about not wanting to drill a tank while its full of water.. and yes.. glass would fall in the tank.. even if it was not about the glass shards.. just the stress of the water and the drilling at the same time. a 55g is easily drillable when empty and the glass is not that brittle at that size tank... but the risk is there none the less.

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    Just a side note.

    I assume you don't speak english as a first language. If you prefer to post your questions in french, there are some french speaking members that frequently post on the board. So if that makes it easier for you. If french isn't your first language, you could also check out:

    It will let you translate pretty much any language to any other language for free..

    My appologies if english is your first language.. :speedbana

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