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    picture of my tank

    this my saltwater aquarium 55gallon pic from my cam bit far away hehe go buy cord soon get better pic need to make nice cover soon but firt need to buy overflow to see how wil do back of my cover and skimmer will go in my sump )

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    Tank looks great! A closer shoot would definitely be nice to see.
    90g Display, 30gal sump w/ refugium, MAS CR418 calcium reactor w/ Mag5 and Blueline CO2, Vertex IN-180 protein skimmer w/ Mag5, Mag9.5 return, 150 Phosban Reactor w/ MJ 1200, 1 Ebo 200w heater, 90lbs. LR, 80lbs. Carib-Sea aragonite, Cooltouch MH lights -2 x 400watt (20K & 14K) PFO hoods & Coralife 65w PC in custom hood with fan, Coralife 3-3/4watt mini moonlights, 8 jet Closed Loop System w/Reef-flo Dart, Aqua-Safe RO/DI, JBJ Auto Top Off unit w/Mag 5 return, 12g Nano cube, 10g quarentine.

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    Looks like a GOOD start indeed. As Stated above .. A closer front shot would be nice.

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    small video picture of my tank hehe

    hihi got this new pic today but still need extation usb cord for my webcam :help: :geek: :biglaugh2 hehe

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