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    2 with....

    :drunk2: ok...g'day all...
    I have a question that i would be ever so greatful if someone could answer... :confused-

    Here goes....
    Can anyone explain why living sponges and tunicates are a problem in marine aquaria? Do they have special conditions or difficulties to substain them in an aquarium?


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    [welcome] especially from so far away!

    I think people get worried that sponges are hard to maintain and, if they die, can causes a major pollution event. However, some people see sponges, etc. as providing a major sources of filtration for a tank in a cryptic zone filter (e.g

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    :jump2: oh.....thanks for that....
    See i have to kinda write this essay on it, and I was wondering what to do. Because i couldnt find anything relevent and yeh... But thanks again. more thing. So sponges and tunicates are closely related right? Or am i wrong...? :confused-

    But yeh... I have my marine text book open at the moment and it says something about
    "sponges are very hard to keep, die readily and produce a slime that will rapidly ruin an aquarium"
    Is that what you mean by pollution? And is that the same for tunicates?

    Again, many thanks... :biglaugh2

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    given the right conditions they're not thaaaat hard to keep

    in general though ya, sponges and turnicates are benefitial in that they filter the water, cleans it up, but they also have the bad habit of polluting the water when the die

    i don't think they're from the same family

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    No they're not closely related. Sponges are poriferans, very low invertebrates, whereas tunicates are much higher invertebrateds, and have many chordate characteristics.

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