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    Lost my Firefish (Fire Goby)

    I tried everything I could but didn't get him to eat after the second day in his new home. The Clowns are such pigs come feeding time that I think they grabbed all the food from him.

    He looked like he was in great shap in the store and was out in the open swimming around with the Clowns then went into hiding. Three days later he died. $48 down the drain but I feel really bad that I couldn't keep him.

    Are they difficult feeders?

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    whoa! 48.00? i've never paid more than 20 for a firefish

    those guy are pretty reclusive, but come out once they're used to the conditions, my friend had one that didn't eat for a week, but now hes a greedy little punk. 2 days without food wouldn't of put him down, it was probably something else

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    Sorry for your loss. Was it a purple firefish ? I lost a yellow tang the same way in quaranteen after 14 days of not eating. It was an impulse purchased a day after the lfs got them in. After that i made sure the fish eat in store first before i buy it and only after it's been at the lfs for more than 10 days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clown_fish
    Sorry for your loss. Was it a purple firefish ?
    No, it was orange.

    Now, I'm hesitant to buy another fish until I (hopefully) find out what did him in.

    Crabs and clowns are fine but guess they are hardy specimens.

    While acclimation was happening I tested the store's water and it was very close to what he anded up in. Very odd...

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