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Thread: green seaweed

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    green seaweed

    hey i am starting to get substantial green fuzzy grass on some of my live rock. i think thats good can anyone tell me if it is ok

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    Chances are, no. Best guess is that this is Hair Algae. A family of macro algae with unfortunately will cover pretty much everything and collect detritus to make the overall tank condition worse.

    It is typeical of new tanks (so don't panic). Usually it feeds on unused foods, fish waste, etc. and thrives in tanks with higher nutrient (the Nitrogen compounds and Phosphates).

    Generally it is an exercise in frustration to try remove it all as you will spread little pieces everywhere. Not that you cannot do it, just it can't be the only thing.

    You can starve the tank (no food, no light) if you have nothing else in the tank. Try to get the current up where the Hair algae growing -- it tends to trap detritus so, hitting it with current will help reduce this.

    You can crank up the skimmer (if you have one) or get a skimmer (if you don't).

    Water changes can help --IF -- your water supply is good and free of silicates and phosphates. What is your water source?

    Macro algae (Chaeto -- spagetti, or Grape Calerpa -- though this can be bad or worse if it establishes in your rock work) in a refugium will help by out competing the hair algae for "food".

    There are some critters (Lawnmower Blennie, Sea Hare, some Nudi's, etc.) that can help, but, you are better to use other techniques and not have to support (or allow to die) a target diet critter after the hair is gone.

    That, plus some time. OSD on this board waited several weeks for the hair algae to simply starve itself out before he started to add more livestock.

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    thanks for the advice

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    if u ever need a hand, i'm in the kingston area operating a business, see below

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