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    acclimating a lawn mower blenny

    I purchased a lawnmower blenny yesterday and he has been in my quarantine tank. I was wondering if it was normal for him to not be moving at all...This morning when I woke up He looked dead because his eyes were closed but when I moved the cup he did swim a little. I also purchased two clowns and they are doing great, swimming eating and lot's of energy but I'm worried about the lawnmower...before I put the fish in the quarantine tank I did the drip method to try and do everything right and he wasn't moving around in there to much either...I'm just worried because he is not trying to eat or do anything...anyways just wondering if this is normal behaviour for them when they come in to a new tank...I might just be worried for nothing...thanks

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    Did you observe this fish eat before you purchased it? How long was it in the tank it came from. They will tend to just sit around. No problem there. Plus hes adjusting to a qt tank. Leave him in quarantine and if needed medicate. But if he is sick and does recover, he should remain in your qt tank for quite some time.
    Good luck

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