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    closed loop confusion

    I'm getting my first non nano sw tank anyday now, its either going to be 48x18x24 or 60x18x24

    I am really confused about a closed loop though, how many holes do I want drilled and how big? the tank will be a mixed reef with lps, softies and sps.

    I know that I need one hole for drain and one return for overflow, but after that I am lost. Should I consider using pvc instead of drilling more holes? That way i can add and take away if need be, or have 2 more holes drilled + pvc?

    I just can't find much reading material on closed loops if anyone has any links i should read feel free to post them. The final alternative is just sticking a bunch of powerheads in. that is how I have my 15g nano setup, but I'd prefer the larger setup to have less visable equipment.

    thanks for the help

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    if you get 60" tank, I would suggest at least 4 holes (2 for overflow and 2 for return).

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    I would keep it at 2 holes for the closed loop for at least 1.5 preferrably 2 inch piping. You can T on the inside of the tank and reduce the diameter if you so desire. Since my tank is not drilled for a closed loop, I have gone to Anthony Calfo's manifold - for my closed loop. The return is plumbed over the edge of the tank - not ideal but it works.


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    For a 60" tank I would have 2 1.5 holes for drains. Returns I would run with lock line over the top edge of tank (this allows you to modify it down the road for variability). I would allow an additional 4 holes for your closed loop. This would be one for a drain to your pump and an additonal three for your returns. Preferrably 2 on bottom and one in the middle top that is split to focus water 2 directions. I would do this setup for an sps dom. barebottom tank. If you have substrate I would go with 3 holes for your closed loop. 1 drain 2 returns all at the top. Don't worry so much about the number of holes. On a 60" tnak you could put more than suggested.

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    Okay well I ended up getting a pretty good deal on a new 112g

    its 60x18x24
    comes with a 6x9 overflow box with 2.5 and 1.25 holes for the overflow box. Now I must figure out what pump I'm going to use. Sump / fuge will be under the tank.

    The tank is not going to be only sps, infact I'll probably end up having more lps then sps as well as tons of zoos, shrooms and other softies. I also don't want a bare bottem tank.

    I can now either find someone to drill more holes for closed loop. or go with an over the edge of the tank loop like the one shown in the link vickie provided.

    Man theres so much more planning in a large tank then a nano, when I started that I bought some salt and live rock, ordered a light and powerheads and then after waiting for the cycle to complete I was good to go.

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