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    R/O Experts advice needed

    I found an awesome deal on a used R/O filter today, $75.00 Cdn and it's only 2 yrs old.

    It is the identical model to the one shown in in the following link.

    I am planning on getting all new filters and a membrane ASAP. I want to hook this unit up right away.

    The advice I seek is in regards to the "polishing" filter. Is this something I want to keep? I am not sure if it's included in the stages just for human sake or not, as in just to make the water taste better or if it would be recommended for my SW tank as well. I think it removes chlorine as well but I am not 100% sure. I would appreciate any advice from those who know more about these devices.

    I am also going to see if I can make it a 5 stage by adding a DI unit, I can't see why not.

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    Look at the prices of the replacement filters and membrane you need.

    I think at $75 + the replacements, you are better off simply getting a new complete unit. Ivan carries them here and I'm sure you can get one closer to you. Or, check eBay. The membrane alone plus the purchase price puts you into the price range of a whole new 5-6 stage system.

    The last stage, polishing, could either be a simple carbon filter (so okay) or a Brita type flavour canister (not useful).

    The DI stage is quite important. There are a number of undesireable elements that can pass through the RO that the DI will catch.

    It is also good to have 3-4 pre-filters. 2 particulate (5 then 1 micron) then 1 or 2 carbon (mine only has one). Particulates are rejected by the RO membrane but can reduce it's life.

    You will also want to get a TDS meter. Inline is nice. I have my inline set up to test the water into the RO and the water out of the RO. If the RO membrane is reducing TDS by 95% or better, it is still good. When the rejection drops, it is time to replace the membrane. I can also move the sensors around to measure raw in and final out. They have JohnGuest type fittings.
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    I removed the post filter and purchased all new filters, membrane and got a DI unit this morning. Total including the $75.00 I paid for it was $210.00 plus I got a 3.2 gal holding tank with it which I will use for my water top off system. All is well. :biggrinbo

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