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Thread: Bully Blenny

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    Bully Blenny

    Just added a green clown goby to my tank.
    But my lawnmower blenny is not liking it!
    He is chassing that pour little goby all the time.
    Last night the goby was on it's side and the blenny was on top of him.
    It's was not dead! When I pushed the blenney away the goby ran (swimmed).

    Anybody else experianced this?
    P.S. I'm french so I never make any typos......they are actual mistakes :sorry:
    I'm not in a rush.....but I am on a budget! :bigcry:

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    As long as the looser can retreat to get away from the beating, the fish will likely work it out in a couple days. You may have to reorganise the rocks at bit but expect a couple days of agression if you have fish that look somewhat similar.

    It's also possible they won't work it out. If one is clearly hurting the other or it doesn't stop (you don't think the looser can get enough to eat) then you'll need to find a new home for one of them.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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