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    Getting copper out of the tank

    Ok well i thought this might be good as a topic of its own (sorry if it exsist already but i couldnt find it ). Its kinda related to another topic i started here keeping corals
    I am wondering as my copper test showed up .25 in both my tank and taps. I plumbed from a new source where my water doesnt touch anything copper(tested and no copper). I am wondering how to remove the copper from the tank? will it just go away with water changes or do i need to add some sort of copper removal chemical or media. If so what is the best way.

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    Polyfilter can help remove copper from the system, but your live rock & any other aragonite in the tank likely absorbed some. It'll release it again when the pH drops, possibly over night.

    The short of it is you'll have to test regularly, even after you think you've got it all.

    Other than that, regular water changes will dilute the copper if you're not adding it back in. Do you have an RO/DI filter? It should remove copper from the water, but test the output to be safe.

    Good luck with it.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    So sorry I was right about the copper on the other thread. Copper is a very bad thing to have in a tank. It goes into the rock and silicone. This product may help pull it out over time:

    Go FOWLR until you can test negative for a few months. Then reintroduce some softies and perhaps a montipora. These are the toughest corals when it comes to copper.

    You may not be able to keep high-end SPS in that tank. Millis, acros, and birds nests will not tollerate even traces of copper.



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    The odds of it getting into the silicon are pretty slim. I won't go so far as to say it's impossible, but I'd really like to see the chemical explaination of that one. Silicon is used because it bonds glass well, it's inexpensive and it's pretty non-reactive once it cures.

    Getting into your live rock & sand bed is another matter. Count on it being there.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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