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Thread: Baby snails

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    Baby snails

    Hey all,

    For some reason I was under the impression that having snails reproduce in a reef tank was challenging.

    Last night I counted 10 baby cerith snails and at least 4 baby astrea. I'm not 100% on the astrea, they're the leading candidate. The cerith are about the size of a grain of rice, but you can make out the foot & mouth for the ones stuck to the glass.

    What I think are astrea are growing in a pryamid shape, but are all under 1/4"
    At first I thought they were more stomella, but they can rectract into their shells, something stomella can't do.

    I've never seen eggs in the tank, but that's likely why there's baby snails, the fish apparently didn't see the eggs either...

    So I guess the algea problems I've been fighting have some benifit lol.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    I'm constantly seeing Cerith snail eggs on the wall of the tank - often see them laying them. They're long strings with very small branches with what look like the eggs. Can't say I've ever seen any baby Astrea's though.

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    I have LOADS of baby astreas, one morning i woke up a little bit early and turned my lights on before the timer kicked in.

    The tank was Completely cloudy...
    You couldnít see about half way back.
    I had do idea what happened. No power outages, not even an anemone that could have died.
    Then I realized that ALL of my astreas were at the top of the tank. (On the glass or high on the rocks.)

    They some were releasing white clouds, and other were releasing small green balls, some in a long chain, others much like blowing bubbles.

    When I realized what was happening I turned off all filters/skimmer
    this went on for well over an hour, I ended up turning on the smaller in tank power heads to keep some circulation.

    I few months later I have dozens of small astreas about the size people would start selling. I only noticed 2-3 at a time, kept figuring it was the same ones but i then saw LOADS more when i moved and started to look at the rocks.
    Iíve since moved a few of the available smaller ones to another tank (Woohoo!)

    Iím waiting for a good deal of Cerths and narcsssssssssss (SP?)
    then Iíll stock up on them too.

    I've heard about people reproducing what happened in my tank by changing the temperature (which makes sense if they spawn at a seasonal time)

    None the less, Congratz!

    Who says Dogs are the only creature that's happy to see you?

    Pics -->

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