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Thread: Starting Again

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    Starting Again

    Hi I have decided to return to the hobby. I don't have a problem purchasing dry goods in Canada. Can anyone please tell me where in Canada I can purchase live goods especially fish. The vendor I used to deal with is now out of business. Thank-you.....Brent:biggrinbo

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    IM not sure who eles here in canada.. you living soo far north it might be difficult..

    But you do have this site..Go under the "Go shopping button"

    Other than that i have delt with a couple if you get ahold of me i can pop you off those suppliers.

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    Talking sault boy!

    hey did you know both IVAN and myself are from ELLIOT LAKE! you probaly won't find much up that way for livestock
    but AQUARIACANADA here ships so talk to IVAN and he'll hook ya up. The Saults not that far at all. 8maybe 9 hours.

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    Did Ivan and you date each other back in the 'ol schooldays??:loveit: :lovebirds

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    Welcome to AC Brent nice to see more people closer to home :thumb:

    I talked with Johnny here for abouty a week through email when he first signed up to the board... He then called me to place an order... I almost fell off my chair when he told me his name.. small world!!

    Sorry Greg.. but I don't date poeple who are 20 years older than me :


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