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    Refugium and UV question

    I am considering adding a refugium to my system. I am thinking of using a 20gal tank placed above my sump so it can gravity feed back to the sump. I am reading anything and everything I can find on refugiums but the one thing that I can't seem to find a answer to is if it is even worth having a refugium if I am running a UV sterilizer. I found a post that mentioned using a UV would just kill anything/everything that I was attempting to grow in my fuge so it would be pointless.

    Basically I want a fuge for the live food aspect, I am not looking for better filtration at this point. I just want to introduce pods into my main tank.

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    There are two uses for a refugium, one is to grow pods for continuous feeding of the display tank. This is hampered if you run all this water through the UV filter all the time. At least some, if not most or all, of the pods would arrive fried. They would still be a source of food, but, not live food.

    The other reason is for Macro Algae growth for nutrient export. This would not be hampered by UV. But, as you say, this isn't your goal.

    If you can do it, don't put the UV on the return pump but maybe a loop from the drain section to the return section. This would allow the pods to arrive in the display tank without a fatal tan.
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    Currently I have my UV in a closed loop from the return section of my sump to my return section. It's very large (over 1/2 my sump) so I am sure a lot of water will make it's way to the return pump without going through the UV first.

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