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Thread: Water top off

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    Water top off

    Quick question...

    Do I top off evaporated water with Saltwater or fresh water?

    From what I understand the salinity will rise as water evaporates so I should be adding fresh water to return it back to normal. And in turn as I do my regular water changes I should obviously be using saltwater.


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    Fresh clean, pure water should be added.

    What evaporates is pure or nearly pure water. (think of the dead sea)

    If you add salt water your salinity will rise. This can be useful if you need to raise your salinity, but, not otherwise.
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    Top-up water: fresh water
    Water change: salt water

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    Thanks I wasn't sure but my thoughts sounded right. Better to make sure now before I create the apocalypse in my tank! =8]

    Thanks again.

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