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    Do Peppermint Shrimp eat Featherdusters?

    I have two of these shrimp (35g FOWLR) and just purchased a featherduster. One of the shrimp was already trying to taste the new addition. Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have made the purchase. I need to get rid of those shrimp they are eating all my small snails! (bumblebee snails, nassarius snails, cerith snails...) :confused- Should I see if my LFS would take the shrimp and sell them off, or what?

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    Pepermint shrimp are known to eat aptasia (pest anenomes).
    With that, there is always the risk they'll eat other things.
    I have a few in my tank a year or so ago to remove the aptasia...while they were there, they ate all my sun polyps, some candy-cane and a little bit of frogspawn. They must have not like it very much as they stopped (except for the sun polyps...completely cleaned!).
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    Are you shure those are not camel shrimp?
    I never heard of peppermint eating those snails.

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    It's common to see lfs mislabel camel's as pepermint's. Post a pic or try and compare a picture of a camel vs a pepermint shrimp.

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    i've seen my peppermints attack feather dusters, they'll pick at the feathers until its all gone, wait till they grow new ones and eat those

    i haven't seen them attack ym corals though

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    I have three types of shrimp in my tank, five in total and have never seen any of them eat snails or coral. The exception is the large peppermint - he has a taste for bristle worms. (aptaisia - I can only wish!)

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    We have 4 peppermint shrimp. We had to buy them to remove a couple of aptasias that were stinging a couple of corals. The aptasias are totally gone and everything else remains in there. They don't seem to like anything else.
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    Thanx for the replies...definitely peppermint shrimp as I've done the comparison many months ago when I first purchased them and they still look the same, no hump. Apparently my LFS thinks that I may not feed enough in the tank and that's why the little guys pick off my snails. (At first we thought it was fluctuating salinity, but that is now under control.) You can't win for losing, feed too much and all sorts of bad things happen, don't feed enough and the situation goes bad in a different direction.

    The shrimp left the featherduster alone because now the cleaner shrimp protects it by chasing the peppermint shrimp away when they get close. So it may have been a case of lets see what's new on the menu to :guns: :devil3:

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