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    Size of bulkheads

    What would you guys recomend for bulkhead size for a closed loop, overflow and return. The tank is a 75g and the sump will be a 20 or 30g tank. I'll be using a SCWD on my closed loop but they have 3/4 in and out. Should I use 3/4 bulkheads or just tone down the piping when I get to the pump and scwd?

    My other quick question was that my overflow will go coast to coast on my tank, what I do with the return? I just pipe it over the top of it instead of using a bulkhead?

    Thanks guys.

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    IMHO, I would go 1.5" on your bulkhead (2.5" hole). This is an easy plumbing size to get and you can put a ball valve on it if you don't need that much overflow into your sump. That should give you about 900g/hour I beleive. You can then step down the size to whatever you require.
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