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    Wave Maker

    Is a wavemaker that important? I wanted to put in a scwd on my closed loop but the max gph that it can handle is 1400. I wanted to put more water going through my closed loop. Should I use a pump with 1400 or less with a scwd or use more flow without the scwd ???

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    Wavemakers have a few benefits.

    It helps put current into the corners better. Static current patterns will tend to have dead zones where detritus builds up (unless you have so much current that everything is kept in suspension).

    Coral also responds positively to fluctuating current. Apparently coral expels waste when the movement stops and feeds while the current flows.

    It also looks better, IMO.

    You could also divert some flow to a SQWD and some to fixed outlets.

    Another option is the Ocean Motions 2,4,8 way devices. They can handle much more flow. They can be customized. For example, the 8 way can be setup to have 3 outlets open at a given time. This allows maximum flow.
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