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    Impressions and Tech Advice

    I am new here, and would like need some information in two areas. First, my wife and I are thinking of moving to Canada, specifically to Quebec (we now live in Florida), and would like to get your impressions of Canadian and Quebecoise life. We will be visiting Quebec city and environs in September.

    Also, I am planning to start an aquarium when we settle, and need help with technical matters. I have run a marine tropical tank with liverock before, but want to set up a sort of "tide pool" tank.

    It will be about 55 G. It will feature local North Atlantic algae and invertebrates, as well as a few fish. I am planning to use metal halide lighting as before, and a DIY chiller to keep tank temp below 60 F. I've some ideas about reproducing wave motion; in a tide pool this is of major importance.

    The water needs to surge powerfully, and also to rise and fall several inches in the tank with each "wave". Do you know a method to get this kind of water movement? Thank you,
    John Billings

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    You could try a surge in a 55, do a search on google for it, I've seen some vids of surges with an okay effect that would work for a Tidal pool type tank.
    Look around reefcentral, I think that is where I saw it.

    Quebec City is nice, you'll likely enjoy it. Colder than Florida so bring a jacket.
    We do have a bit of a French/English thing going east of Manitoba, have you considered Vancouver? Calgary? :wink5:
    125G in wall
    2 x 250 hqi
    4 x 4' actinics
    tunze wavemaker & 6060
    2 x 1200 maxi's
    quiet one 3000

    ...just started of course

    One day my daughter asked me for Nemo. Here we are thousands later and I'm just getting started.

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    I'm a bit interested as to why Quebec? Also keep in mind although every individual is different, and should be judged so. Quebec and the rest of canada are very different in many ways especially culture. The same could be said about western Canada and Ontario, but we do share share a similar culture. Quebec however seems to be confined within Quebec so much so that it's devoid in the west, barely influenced in the east, and unnoticed amongst it's neighbor Ontario. This makes it an amazing place to visit, just not somewhere I'd want to move.

    Canada is a wonderful, diverse place to live. Quebec adds an ingredient to the mix, as does the first nations, to make Canadian culture as a whole amazing and unlike anywhere else in the world. I suggest you take a detour through Toronto some day during a festival as Toronto is the most diverse place on earth.

    After you move to Quebec you may notice a rift between Quebec and your neighbor Ontario. Thankfully you already have command of the english language and may not have any issues if you venture outside Que, aside from your accent that will come in time and being from Quebec. I also hope that you have a good grasp on the french language or you may find quite a bit of hardship living in Quebec.

    A side note to others; lets not make this political please, ie english vs french or Ontario vs Quebec. He's already decided on moving to Quebec and kudos to him for becoming Canadian.

    As for the tank, A diy chiller for a 55g really isn't worth the money. Any plans that do perform either cost more than a real chiller would or produce so much ambient heat that it couldn't markably cool the tank.

    There are also allot of wavemakers out there. Drill your tank and put in a SS (or like product) and you're good to go. While you're drilling put in an overflow for a sump. Tide pool tanks don't need water to leave the display. A secondary closed loop located on only one side of the tank hooked up to a wavemaker for intermittent flow can give that unidirectional current you're after.

    Another Idea is to have a large high sump that could handle 25% more volume. Have a secondary return pump placed on a float switch (remembering to install a redundant switch as well) and a constant return pump rated less than the overflow is designed for. The result would be a sump filling up faster than the main pump can push water back to the display. When the water level in the sump activates the float switch the secondary pump will push the extra volume into the display from one side resulting in a tide. The key is to remember to have enough room in the sump to handle all the overflow from the display in the event of power failure.

    This is all that come off the top of my head. If something else comes up I'll post it.

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    Welcome to !
    Ottawa (Orleans), Ontario
    Yahoo IM: pwallnfld

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    Most surge devices are set to run with a cycle of a few minutes. For a tidal pool biotope, you would (also) want a much longer cycle (hours) and would need to drain sufficient water from the display tank to expose some of the rocks to air for part of the time. I recall reading something about that design fairly recently but can't remember the source However, Calfo's book on coral propagation has a couple of pages on tidal pool aquaria (p35-6). Might give you some ideas. You could also joom his forum on the Marine Depot (US) web site and ask him some direct questions about this.

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    don<t be alarmed if you say half of your pay go into taxes

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    If you decide to move in montreal city, you don't need to speak french at all. Many people are born in Montreal and can't even say a sentence in french.

    Outside of Montreal it is an other story, you will need to learn some french.

    For me what Deleted have said about the fact that quebec is confined is kind of true, but I would not say that for Montreal. There is big difference between Montreal and the rest of the province...

    Quebec city is a wonderfull place. It is the oldest city in north america and probably one the of the most beautiful. It is really a calm place. The life style is kind of slow compared to montreal city.

    As a french culture we do love more the fine cuisine, cheese wine, etc... So if you love to eat

    Where are you going to move in the province and why?

    By the way, if you earn a good wage, the province is kind of the worst place in North America for the tax. You would be far better in Alberta or British Columbia or even Ontario... and the provincial service are not better.

    And after few years you will get sick and tired of hearing about the will of some to have the separation of the Quebec from the rest of the Canada :rant:


    P.S. Deleted, we ( as french canadian) are not influenced at all by Ontario, and there is not many of us who would move in Ontario :biggrinbo ... But, I would move tomorow in british Columbia or Alberta, it is just a matter of personnal taste!

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    zeke, I didn't mean (or thought) Quebec was influenced by Ontario just as Ontario isn't influenced by Quebec. This is a good thing as it leaves Que fairly pure and untainted by outside culture. Due to political reasons there is a very strong animosity between Ontario and Quebec so I'm not surprised with the fact Quebecers wouldn't want to move to Ontario, again just like people from Ontario wouldn't want to move to Quebec. I'm one of the few within Ontario that can see the positive side of Quebec but truth be known I'd move to BC too. I find Ontario too industrialized, I mean we have allot of huge and vast wilderness parks but I just don't like driving an hour for a day at the park or half a day for a two day hiking trip.

    My advice, move to one of the 'have' provinces (Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia). You'll get better government services, lower taxes, and your quality of life will be better.

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    Deleted, I did'not thought that you wanted to mean that quebec is influenced by Ontario.

    As a french canadian, I do have some times difficulties to be perfectly clear when I talk or write in english! But I do my best to learn... So I won't be confined in my province like many other...

    I do agree with your comments about the ''have province''.

    Canada in general is a wonderful Contry. Really peaceful, low criminality. Free health care(I don't know if it will stay like that for a long time...)

    Every province is really different to an other. But something is true about every province, if you like the open air and the nature, Canada is one of the best contry for that!!

    Our economy is at his best since 25 years. Our money don't stop to raise compared to the US money.

    Damn, I like Canada!!! :biglaugh2


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    lol guys, get back on topic

    deleted, wavemakers are nto the same as the surge experienced by costal areas

    at the science center in toronto, what they did is have a tank that swivels, and when the water gets full enough, it dumps the tank into the display, creating a strong surge

    thats also similar to how vancouver aquarium does it

    i just want to take a quick sec and remind everyone that is is illeagal to take wild animals into captivity without a research permit... but what they don't know i suppose wouldnt hurt them :wink5:

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